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  • Product name: Automatic mattress sewing machine

Automatic mattress sewing machine
Specialized in animal fiber sewing system, engaged in the research and development of sewing equipment for 20 years
Fully automatic mineral wool sewing production line, from carpet laying, conveying, sewing, longitudinal cutting, cross cutting and edge forming, integrated production mode
It is suitable for sewing bamboo, hemp, brown fiber, wool felt and other animal and plant fiber materials
Suitable for sewing a variety of sewing threads: polyester, cotton, etc
It is highly intelligent and controlled by PLC system, which can automatically set the spacing of multiple longitudinal cutters, complete the simultaneous production of products with multiple specifications and sizes, and automatically lock the edge of cross cutting forming
After sewing, the mattress is full, the suture is even and beautiful, and the lock edge is neat
Pure natural fiber material, no glue added after sewing with wire rod, it is necessary for environmental protection and healthy home!