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Products Detail

Equipment name:1.5m automatic  knitting machine

Aliases:straw board knitting machine, stress brick knitting machine, reed board weaving machine

Product width:1500mm

Product thickness:between 30mm-80mm







Cutting mode:automatic;

Production efficiency: with 4-6 operators, the daily output is about 800-1000m²

Property of reed board: light weight, high strength , good sound insulation , thermal insulation , easy processing , easy installation , natural product, harmlessness , free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances

Site requirements: 800-1000 m², raw material storage site not included

Equipment composition: five parts-raw material supply mechanism, knitting mechanism, product output mechanism, cutting mechanism and automatic control system

Raw materials: reed, rush, wheat straw, rice straw, flax, wula sedge, thin straw of wild plants, weed etc. thread(made of polyethylene, preferably 6-9-ply yarn)

Products: reed board, rush board, straw board, rice straw board, wheat straw board, plant mat, flax board, wula sedge board, weed board and board mat of other herbs


Reliable performance: the machine has proved to be reliable , superior, energy-saving, economic and highly practical through long-term operation

Easy operation: it is automatic without any complicated manual control. It is with low fault rate, simple to understand and easy to use. In additional, it has automatic cutting device and device for automatic shutdown when disconnected. During normal operation, it will not produce defective products and the operation is very convenient.

Multi-functional machine: besides reed board, it can produce straw board, rush board, rice straw board, wheat straw board, grass board, flax board, wula sedge board and board mat of other herbs

Wide application scope of products: the products can be used for thermal insulation of house roofs and walls, construction of cowsheds, sheep sheds, stables and stalls of other livestocks, greenhouse insulation, dam protection and many other purposes. Featuring in good insulation, high strength and easy construction etc., the products have now replaced reed screen which is formally used in house building in China and achieved significant insulation effect.


Short construction period: production can be started as long as the site, the three-phase power or 10gw generator, raw materials (reed, rice straw, wheat straw, rush, weed and other plant straw), thread(ply yarn, also known as fishing net line) are available

No environmental restrictions: production can be conducted in all weather, indoors or outdoors, without any restriction on the production environment



High-quality components: the motor, transmission gear, bearing and other major components are famous-brand Chinese and foreign products

Quality assurance: with the professional production equipment and process technology, the specialized technical production staff with over 20 years’ experience and the five inspection processes during processing and assembly, quality of the products can be guaranteed.

Board prospects for development: the machine will be a powerful driving force for business development as it has multiple purposes including vast building materials market, mattress processing industry, greenhouse insulation and dam protection etc. and a large number of available natural resources including reed, rice straw, rush, wheat, weed etc.as well as advanced production equipment.

1500 Model Parameters

Model 1.5m
Straw Board Parameters Width(mm) 1000、1300、1500
Thickness (mm) 30-80 50-100
Control Semi-automatic Automatic Semi-automatic Automatic
Cutting Mode Fodder Chopper Cutting Disk Fodder Chopper Cutting Disk
Dimensions Length(mm) 3550 4260 3550 4260
Width(mm) 2570 2700 2570 2700
Height(mm) 1740 1860 1740 1860
Weight(kg) 4000 4100
Power Configuration Principal Machine(kw) 3.0-4
Cutting(kw) 2.2-6 1.5
Frequency of Needle Feed (XX times/minute)    17
Space between Crossings(mm) 100   Within(Adjustable)
Stitch Length(mm) 30     (Liangmianzhen encryption)
No 1508 1508Z 1510 1510Z