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Technological innovation is the driving source of the development of straw board machinery

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  With the rapid development of society, Substantial increase in science and technology, reed plate machinery、straw mat machinery and mattres machinery industry of increasing competition, Only by constantly improving the quality of the product、Products into more advanced science and technology,Increase the productivity of enterprises can stand on a number of reedplate enterprises of the forest, Among them, Reed board machinery business enterprises in Shandong Weihong Machinery Co.,Ltd, With it’s excellent product quality、High-strength and advanced technology innovations lead the industry, become the worthy leader.
  Shandong Weihong Machinery Co.,Ltd in a developed economy, convenient transportation and beautiful scenery known as the Yellow River estuary bird paradise - Dongying,Shandong. China Yellow River estuary is the most complete, the most extensive, the most abundant wetland ecosystems, Famous Yellow River Delta national nature reserve is known as a paradisefor birds. There are tens of thousands of hectares of reeds, Development and use of natural resources, green reeds for local economic development inject a "booster". Also accomplished weihong Reed mattress machinery companies to flourish.
  As a company specializing inthe development and production of Reed-platemachinery, mattresses and straw mats of outstanding enterprises,A varietyof products are in the leading domestic level, especially the Reed-plate machinery technology has reached a certain height, There has CNC cutting, break automatically shut down device, not defective in normal work, The operation is very convenient.
The company has specialized machining and production assembly system, In advanced production equipment、Strong technical force ﹑The unique research and development design, Modern management methods and the concerted efforts of all staff, Has been set for the development of product design, development, Production and sales of power-oriented enterprises.


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