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    • Experienced manager in our Weihong company can give suggestion to you all the time, in the mean time can make order, finish the payment and the after-sale service etc.

    • By using the reed material, he has become richer and richer

    • Shandong Weihong mechanism can meet the needs of our clients, the machine we product is specilized on the use of natural plant resources, the board specifications, operating and production conditions with great ease and scalability as a target.

    • With the development of social society, many natrual resources are being effectively used in our daily life. Reeds, straw and corn stalks can make compression sewn grass board, and this new building material is very ideal for rural housing and city building, since it has been accepted by the time it went on the market.

    • The brothers, which have worked in the period of reed board for more than ten years, have strong feelings to the reed.They have always spent their time with the reed and determined to work with it all life. From the spring of 2000, their business has become such a success.

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