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Writer:WEIHONGNumber of visits: Date:2016-05-25

Shandong Weihong mechanism can meet the needs of our clients, the machine we product is specilized on the use of natural plant resources, the board specifications, operating and production conditions with great ease and scalability as a target.

1、The width: 1m、1.21.5m、2m、2.2m

2、30mm100mmThickness:30mm80mm can be justified in this range

3、Workshop: 15m×6mcan be used outdoors too

4、Production staff: 5 people, can produce 50m-70m each our.(The width is between 25-70mm);

5、The machine can be used only with production sites, three-phase (380V) or 10 kw generator, raw material (reeds, straw, rushes, straw, corn stalks and other plants) andplastic wire (polyester filament yarn, polypropylene filament) .

6、Our company is responsible for installation, user training for production personnel.

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