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Market Perspective

Writer:WEIHONGNumber of visits: Date:2016-05-25

        With the development of social society, many natrual resources are being effectively used in our daily life. Reeds, straw and corn stalks can make compression sewn grass board,and this new building material is very ideal for rural housing and city building, since it has been accepted by the time it went on the market.

       He is welcomed by the market by its advantages such as pressure, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation and alkali resistance, energy conservation, aesthetics. As a new building materialsGrass board not only can fill gaps in the market, but also make full use of natural resources. So it has become ideal building materials, berms, built of livestock rings.

The global reeds, straw, corn stover resources are very richBut the actual use is very small, except for a small part is used as paper making, processing technology, weaving reed screens, and burned as firewood and so on, so most of the natural resources are to fend for themselves, nobody cares.

By using natural plant resources, we can fill the market demand and also for the benefit of future generations!


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